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Torn And Perplexed...

As I sit here about to start writing this review, I must admit… I'm a little bit torn and perplexed.

You see, I believe both you and I know that we are living in an incredible era

It's very true that we are seeing more and more success stories coming in from people who have decided to create an online business for themselves, and live life on their own terms.

It's a beautiful thing, it truly is.

There is nothing I enjoy better than a great under-dog story, well… except, maybe “sexy time” but that's for a different convo! (hehe).

It's kind of like the internet “gold rush” again, we saw it happen several years ago.


However, it's also absolutely true that we are living in very dangerous times if you are seeking the knowledge and skills you'll need to create that same type of “laptop lifestyle” dream for yourself. 

Seriously, don't you agree it's fricken' scary out there?

As you may know, I've been in this game since 2007 (introduced by Andre – we've been friends for over 30 years!) and I've more than seen my share of the changes that have been happening through the years in this biz, but…


I've never seen such a huge onslaught of training courses hitting the market about making money online.

Most of these courses are from people I've never even heard of before – ever

As well, much of the time the content contained in them is desperately lacking… especially when we consider the obnoxious prices many are charging for them.

Where did they all come from?

 Even more importantly, the question becomes…

To truly give you the correct and proper knowledge to safely take your business where you would like it to be?

Andre Chaperon & Mark Acutt (with super-cheesy smile) Xmas 2007

Now, I want you to (seriously absorb it) let that sink in for a minute before we dive in into
this “Sphere Of Influence” review.

That single word “TRUST” is crucial, as we move forward.

Could the”Sphere Of Influence” course be that magnificent and magical gem you've been dreaming about to take your biz to the new heights you've been yearning for?


"Market Sophistication = The Highest In History It's Ever Been"

Chances are your business may be seriously hurting for sales more than it ever has.

This is mostly true if you happen to be selling digital products (training courses, coaching, ebooks etc).

It's no secret that on the whole sales from email-marketing are down (they're doing it wrong. See Autoresponder Madness on how to do it right).

Open rates are declining, CTR's are down, people are more skeptical then ever before to hit that “Buy” button, and the list goes on and on.

The fact is; our consumer market for these types of products have become extremely smart and well educated these days.

They've seen it all.

Especially nowadays as more people than ever are numb to ads, hyped-up sales pressure and scarcity tactics, bonuses, bonuses, bonuses coming out their ass…

It damn near makes you want to puke!

So what's the answer?

You and I both know money certainly isn't always the most important thing in life.

But the real skinny is…

I mean, let's completely forget about getting filthy rich for a minute, but…

“Wouldn't it be awesome if you could be carefree enough to order anything you wanted at a restaurant?”

Let's say you're out on a date, or maybe taking out your spouses' folks for supper…

Instead of sitting there sweating as you look at the prices, and trying to decide what the cheapest meal and drinks will be for yourself (so your credit card doesn't get declined).

Praying and feeling “pins and needles” that they don't order something too expensive.


Imagine if you could just go full out and get what you really wanted, and also announce that “money is no object” tonight for your guests…

Wouldn't that feel freakin' great… right?

Wouldn't it give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you had a few thousand dollars left over each month AFTER paying all of the bills and living costs?




Wouldn't it give you more peace of mind each night as your head hit the pillow that you had a nice safety stash of cash sitting there just in case you had to go on a sudden trip, or some type of major unexpected emergency came up?

Hell yeah… and what about;

Wouldn't you feel blessed and grateful to live exactly where you wanted, anywhere in the world?


Yes indeed, so unlike the “gnawing” and “venomous” feeling of squeezing all of your loved ones into some tiny little house or shitty apartment… or worse, living in some sleazy shady neighborhood where it's not safe for your kids…

Wouldn’t it be great to just live in any city, town, or area of your choosing?

Not necessarily a mansion or anything, but…

What if you could just live in a nice decent area that supports the lifestyle you desire for yourself, spouse, and kids?

Sounds sweet… yeah?

So let's get rockin' here… and journey into what you can expect from “Sphere Of Influence“.

The King Of Less Is Better - Andre Chaperon "Getting Naked Underneath The Secret Sheets of Sphere Of Influence"

Sphere Of Influence comes to us from none other than famed IM'er Andre Chaperon.

He's responsible for releasing a few of the most well respected courses among IM enthusiasts to ever hit the market.

Of course, Andre is best known for the mega-hit Autoresponder Madness.

Next, came Tiny Little Businesses which also shared a similar cult like following. Also, let's not forget… Storytelling for Marketers (with Michael Hauge) too.

When it comes to marketing online Andre has usually taken a far different approach compared to most people getting their skin in the game.

No doubt it's because of this he's been able to completely dumbfound many other marketers with the results he normally gets and helped them achieve!

He often shatters sales results with email lists only 1/10th the size of many of his competitors. 

Always having taken a “less is better” approach, he's become a master at building trust, establishing authority, and converting his prospects into buyers and loyal faithful fans.

The fact is, some of his tribe members won't even purchase a product elsewhere unless Andre gives it his own stamp of approval on it first. Andre has got “serious cred” with his audience.

Now, with all of this said; Do you think Andre knows a thing or two about building value with his peeps, and influencing some of the decisions they might make? 

Uhmm… Yup!”

And that my friends, is exactly why “Sphere Of Influence” was born, bred, and created.

Get ready, as you're in for a real treat as we dive into the working components of how the SOI “ingenious” system works.

And the best of course, how YOU too can create some tantalizing magic while building your business to improved heights, with honesty, trust, and integrity, while increasing your influence and authority all at the same time!

Sounds sweet… yeah?

So let's get rockin' here… and journey into what you can expect from “Sphere Of Influence”.

"Sphere of Influence is a process of building “systems of invisible influence” that work to MOVE people towards YOU.

Put another way: people are ATTRACTED (PULLED) towards you, not interrupted, pushed, coerced, pressured, or bribed to listen to your message.

The distinction is important.

There’s a very different and POWERFUL dynamic at play when people are exposed to you and your world in a way that RESHAPES their own installed beliefs and worldview.

In a way that creates "A-HA!" moments and a new way of thinking for them."

Obviously, I've been exposed to Andre's stuff for quite a while and the one thing that you'll always find common to each of his training courses is that he's always been heavily influenced himself by Jay Abraham's – Strategy of Pre-Eminence.

Going back to what I'd said earlier about Andre being of the belief that “less is more”, in terms of the people he serves, SOI takes things to whole other level.

Yes, it's about:

However, SOI goes far beyond that. It's really amazing when you wrap your head around to the nuances of it. Dare I say; you'll consider yourself fortunate to be exposed to it!

Sphere Of Influence is actually a very advanced segmentation system which pretty much guarantees that once your prospect has taken certain actions….

And showing interest in each of the different actions through “smart” segmentation , that you'll basically have a prospect that is “salivating from the mouth” to purchase your recommendations for them.

Keep in mind, this all happens BEFORE they opt-in to your email list, which garners your prospects already very pre-sold before your back-up autoresponder sequences even kick in.

When you do things this way, you can really get a sense of why “smaller is better” in terms of the quality of people who are coming onto your email list and into your sphere of marketing.

Your competition really does become obsolete.

It's about reshaping one's beliefs to the point where they have “no objections” left while going through the sales process.

The fact that they are going through a “sales process”, in effect, almost becomes invisible to them.

It's not simply about creating presell pages and using persuasion tactics to get your peeps to
purchase products through your business.

It's more about bringing people into different connected worlds all of which are another part of your “Sphere of Influence”.

Impressive stuff!

Looking Closer & Peeling Back The Layers Off the
Sphere Of Influence

As we continue to peel back the layers of SOI, let's take a glimpse into what you're going to learn from The Sphere Of Influence.

However not so much as to give away too much of the excitement that's in store for you 😉

You're taken on a bit of the history of the Frank & Matt story which was a great example of a very successful MPPS (Multi Page Presell Site).

It was just one of the components inside of one of Andre's Sphere Of Influence “Worlds” that he has created through the years.

Also explained is the fact that:

SOI is a presell framework that's been created to grab attention.

Then leverage that attention to channel desire in your direction.

There’s no “selling” early on.

This stuff comes later on in the process, and begins to occur naturally.

Moving on, you are taken through the “Change Of Beliefs Backstory”, of which you'll learn more about further on in the Module.

When you get to that section which is “Defining Your Chain Of Beliefs” and “Installing Your Chain Of Beliefs” you're sure to be God-smacked with the content in these two sections.

It's some very excellent eye opening stuff… that's for sure.

Included also is an exceptional SOI Summary, as perceived by client and friend Nathan (Nate) Dye.

He explains in deep detail the experience of how a prospect moves through the sequence of events in an SOI, and also how one can feel as a result of the experience.

Glad it was included… Nate did a great job here!

Lastly, in Module 2 you have guest appearances from Todd Brown, and also Rich Shefren explaining the process of finding “The Big Idea”.

Of course, this also plays an important part in the SOI system itself too.

This footage was taken directly from one of Todd's Workshop's which took place a bit before Andre began work on The Sphere of Influence.

"The Art Of Preselling"

Included are the components that must all come together when you are creating a very effective Presell, including the Framework, the Hook, building authority, trust…

Advanced Strategies of Preeminence, and much, much more.

You're sure to find the section on Context and Cognitive Re-framing particularly helpful for
developing irresistible content that you may not have considered before. 

Once again, I was pleasantly surprised with the remarkable and startling stuff I learned in this module.

I loved the featured videos directly from Agora Financial about creative ways of presenting “The Big Idea” to your prospects etc.

1st page taken from "The Big Idea"

After learning the in's and out's of Preselling, you're then taken into discovering the primary purpose of Presell sites and creating “W o r l d s“…

The MPPS (Multi Page Presell Site).

This concentrates on how to make SELLING superfluous (unnecessary).

It unleashes the knowledge to you about how they are not only meant to attract the right POP (Pocket of People)...

...but also how they're designed to do the opposite too.

In other words; their goal is to also repel the wrong people and weed them out of your Sphere Of Influence.

After learning the in's and out's of Preselling, you get taken in to discovering the primary purpose of presell sites and “Worlds”.

As mentioned earlier, SOI is an advanced type of filtering and segmentation system with the goal of leaving you with ONLY the most highly qualified and inspired group of prospects that have been re-shaped and pre-sold, and whose belief system falls inline with your own.

This way, selling becomes superfluous (unnecessary)  with your tribe of peeps.

You learn about the structure of Pre-sell Worlds, you'll also discover “Character Arcs” (gradually transforming through experiences) features within your SOI.

Really sweet stuff…

Later on in the course you'll find some powerful info on Funnel Visualization & Tracking in Module 6.

This is an extremely important section which teaches you about the proper way to track your (MPPS) Multi Page Presell Site. 

It let's you know how it's working and/or let's you know where you'll be able to make improvements.

Tracking a presell site does actually differ quite a lot as compared to regular sales pages and one page sites. 

So indeed, it's a very important part of the whole process for you.

You'll learn about which tools will help you, and there's a few videos that help you get  “up to speed” with the whole process. Justin Brooke has a guest appearance in this section, as well as the creators from Mix Panel.

But SOI isn't only about PAID (PPC) traffic, we also get Andre's take on organic traffic, and I must say…

He talked about some “UBER stuff” I hadn't even thought of before!

He's really broken it down and it's a great way of looking at things.

You'll really see what I mean, once you are on the inside.

Included here are some highly effective explanations about the differences between interruption “Curiosity Click” types vs “Multi-Step Pull” clicks. 

It also discusses the “real” importance and “intent” behind a click etc…

As well, you'll gladly uncover some fantastic resources on where you can get organic traffic to your MPPS.

Some of which are exceptional and I'm sure you've not heard of before.

And if you thought that was good – wait until you get to module #9. This is where things get really interesting when it comes to “traffic”…

Now this, Module 9… is an excellent one my friend.

I've no doubt that you're going to be excited to go through the training provided here several times. 

Yeppers… it's that good!

Andre thankfully, had the foresight to bring in Shawn Twing to teach about paid traffic strategies. 

Shawn has been running his own for 19 years… since 1999. 

He's got around 40,000 hours clocked as a paid advertising specialist. 

Now, that's impressive.

Andre considers Shawn to be one of the TOP 3 on the planet at what he does. 

Shawn Twing (Traffic Guru)

Once you begin to learn from some of his suggestions, you'll be convinced too. 

Like Andre, he's a very “deep strategic thinker” which falls inline perfectly for SOI, and for building profitable repeatable and scalable paid traffic engines.

In this section, you won't find the mechanics of the “how to” set up ads on Facebook and Google, as that information can be found many places online.

However, what you'll be exposed to is teaching you a way to think about and construct paid traffic campaigns that perfectly leverages the many unique advantages SOI creates.

As an aside, this is some of the best information I've been exposed to when it comes to strategic thinking and how to completely set yourself apart from your competition when it comes to paid ads.

I don't say that lightly, and I've been through a LOT of traffic courses in my time.

There's 4-Core Detailed Principles In SOI

Shawn also does a tremendous job of explaining “why” and “what” you should be tracking with each of your Multi-Page Presell Sites.

He's got a ton of experience in using this type of strategy with his own marketing, so to say he knows his “shit”… is a ridiculous sounding understatement.

Again, without giving too much away, it's simply a Module you're going to have to experience yourself to fully understand the depth of important incites you'll get from Shawn.

It was the icing on the cake to an already great experience that I had while going through all of the Sphere Of Influence training.


At first glance, one may conclude that this was perhaps a “biased” review about The Sphere Of Influence.

However, this is genuinely my honest opinion about my experience in going through this course in it's entirety.

I plan on going through SOI a couple more times to improve my own marketing in some areas.

This is the type of advanced marketing that YOU really want to sink in and grasp.

There's even some added bonuses where Andre gets on some live Q & A calls with  the students of SOI. This is really interesting and beneficial to “real world” scenarios.

If there was anything that I may say was a “negative” in this course, is that I think participants would have liked to have seen Andre in more of the video content.

However, most of us know that's not much of his style, and that he teaches exceptionally well through expressing himself through written content.

All in all; “The Sphere Of Influence” is very highly recommended.


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