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You know, one of the biggest things about online marketing is building assets.

An asset is something you have, it's like bricks and mortar.

So when it comes your online business, assets are people.

Customers or leads – these are people that have shown an interest in you, your business or what you're offering.

It's NOT a website. It's not the software…

Those are TOOLS. Not assets.

When it comes to making money it all boils down to your assets.

And that means you have to start by building lists.

And that my friend…

Is the FIRST step to making proper money online.

Think about it…

You can build a website, send traffic (paid is easiest), but what you're going to struggle with is; making a connection.

And that's the important bit. Because…

Making a connection = building trust.

Once you've made a “connection” with your prospect then you can build trust.

I like to think about it like fishing, not your “regular” BORING fishing tho… 😉

You've gotta have the right setup.

You need the HOOK, you need the right BAIT, and once you've got that fish on the line…

You've gotta have the SKILLS to reel it in!

And the same applies to email marketing.

But you've gotta KEEP that connection. 

Just like fishing… you have to play the long game.

Reel them in. 

Depending on the fish and your SKILLS, will determine whether or not you succeed.

And that's where Autoresponder Madness comes in.

It teaches you these SKILLS. Making the connection and trust building.

Because by keeping them hooked, and making a connection is all part of building trust.

And when your prospect trusts you – they will listen to you.

The best way to build trust is via email.

The problem is…

It's difficult to cram everything you want to say on a web page.

And it's almost impossible to keep attention nowadays.

Long form sales pages are dying.

But notice how I've kept your attention?

Because you want to hear what I have to say. I've made the read a little interesting.

And I've already got a certain amount of your trust. That's good – you should trust me!! 🙂 haha

Autoresponder Madness is going to teach you how to get your prospects to trust you.

Remember this: Trust = SALES.

But you have to earn that friendship, that trust.

And once you KNOW how to do that – the world's your oyster

What's coming…

I'm gonna be discussing more of what's in ARM tomorrow and the next few days, I'm gonna be covering some “email marketing secrets” that us pros use 😉

And if you're still not convinced that ARM is for you after that…

Then be it on your own head! haha!  Joking!!

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