Google Ads is NOT Dead
Affiliate Marketing 2021+

How I turned $213.78 into $1315.64 in ONE week.

By only using a website and Google "Search" Ads.

Bullsh*t I hear you say? 🙂

Haha – here's the earnings…

Here's the Google ad spend:

Still don't believe this is my account? Look at the name (top right)

So that's 528 paid clicks @ 40c per click.

40c per click is pretty good to get in any niche 😉

CTR = 10.52% (Incredible!!)

Conversion rate is 3.15% (WTF!)

Oh, hold on, that's not the full picture in the affiliate (Shareasale) network report…

If you don't know what EPC means in Shareasale terms it's earnings per 100 visits (clicks).

100 clicks = $244.09 in revenue.

Not bad for something that I've not been dedicating a lot of time to.

Let's do the math...

Total GROSS Sales = $1315.64
Google Ads Spend = $213.78
NET Profit = $1101.86 (one week)

So What's The Story?

Truth is; anyone can do it.

Yup, you don't have to have a degree in English. In fact you don't even have to speak English – most of the content I had created using Fiverr.

The images are pretty much what is supplied by the vendor or usable from the vendor.

The content doesn't have to be SEO optimized because it's Google Ads we're using, but…

It doesn't hurt to have good unique content in case your site gets a bit of free organic traffic 😉

This does usually happen after a few months – so it is recommended. But it's nothing to over think.

You DO NEED web hosting (ask me about that), your own domain (Namecheap), WordPress theme (Astra) and possibly a page builder – I like Elementor (as this page is using).

And a couple hundred bucks to run some ads to test!

Oh, one last thing… an affiliate tracking tool such as ClickMagick (integrates with all the top affiliate networks and gives you crucial reporting like what keywords are generating the sales). 

Also, their help is the best and they speak English (I've had some nightmares with language differences using other solution providers).

And that's it really!

Lack Of Direction...

So you have all the tools, but the problem is – you don't know “how” to do it.

Main issue is; there's too much “noise” out there.

Online affiliate marketing seems soooo complicated that most just give up.

The truth is; it's not that complicated. People just lack direction for the noise.

90% of getting something to work is actually doing the work.


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