A Single System that Will allow you to Create Or Grow Your Business By Serving A Particular Niche And Audience.

Andre Chaperon's latest product “Lean Business For Creators” can sound a little confusing.

I mean; what does it even mean?

Well, I'm here to tell you – to give you the low down, the pros and cons and what you're gonna learn by this training.

Well, let's start by giving you an overview of what LBFC is and who it's for…

First, I just want to say; this is a course to teach you a “system”.

A system has processes and there different more in-depth aspects/elements to the processes – with me so far?

Basically, Lean Business For Creators is going to teach you a system and cover the processes.


Once you're in their head:

It's about understanding your audience. Then converting them into paying customers.

You'll learn how to relate to them, talk/communicate with them and sell to them without even selling (superfluous marketing).

They'll be ASKING to buy what you're offering!

You'll learn how to be pathetic empathetic to their emotions/feelings and how to drill into that to build trust.

Trust is extremely valuable (with everything in life).

It's one of the most difficult things to earn from anyone (online or offline).

Damn! Now that's clever stuff so far – right?

You will be covering a COMPLETE business model for one-niche/business.

Remember; each site/web property you have out there is essentially another "Tiny Little Business" (sound familiar?).

Still holding in there? Cool beans…

Lean Business For Creators is clear, concise and quick.

It will cover the systems and process needed to get you up and running fast!

It covers email marketing to the point. How to get leads and communicate with prospects. Best practices on “making a connection”.

It's not going to be as intensive as Andre's (how to write Soap Opera Sequences etc.) But it does cover much more than “the essentials”.

LBFC is going to cover paid and free (SEO) traffic to your web property/s. Getting web traffic is extremely complicated and complex.

But LBFC is going to show your the ropes and cover Paid Traffic as well as organic (free).

It's not a super-in-depth traffic course as covered in the Sphere Of Influence.

However, it'll teach your the ropes to get your web property in front of the prospects YOU want.

Lean Business For Creators is even going to show you the ropes on how to write presells'.

It will give you the low down on how to get them started and up and running as quick as possible.

If you really want to dig deep into how to write amazing copy and presell's then you should check out Andre and Michael Hauge's Storytelling For Marketers.

Yeah, I've reviewed them all at some point or another – and yes, they're ALL worth the price tag.

It's about giving you ALL the parts of the system and processes. But bear in mind that you can ALWAYS dig deeper into each process as shown above.

But what Lean Business for Creators is...

It's for people that want to create a “LEAN” successful business as fast as possible.

It gets you up and running without the fluff and unnecessary BS that most products are bulked out with.

Who has time for that?

It's going to give you the full system on how to create these web-properties (Tiny Little Businesses) that you can follow, do yourself, and BUILD.

Build build build… it's your own online property investment.

Much cheaper to invest in tho!

So let's say you build these web properties, one after the other…

 – but nobody visits.

Or you get some traffic…

– but nobody's buying.

Sound like a familiar scenario?

Think of your “Location”.

And as with any property investment – it's all about location, location, location!

Here's an analogy:

Think of your web-property (business) as your online “Property”.

Like a physical offline business is often a shop (let's say a coffee shop as reference to the above image).

The location is your NICHE.

Who you're aiming to serve and where they hang out.

Within your NICHE you will have your “POP” (pocket-of-people) that are even more specific and want what you're offering.

These are the people you're going to serve.


Back to the offline coffee shop…

Let's look at it like this:

You choose a good location where you know there's people that can afford to and will spend good money on a good coffee (location).

This location has a lot of passing trade of the type of people that are wanting fresh coffee throughout the day. 

These people will see what you're offering (niche appeal) and hopefully try it out.

The people that buy your coffee and become regular clients are your POP (pocket of people).

They like/love what your'e offering and are loyal to your business because you're giving them exactly what THEY want/like/need.

Got it?

Your coffee may not appeal to everyone who loves coffee, but it will do to some (your POP).

Choose a Location (Niche) that has people with money to spend (and are not afraid to).

Offer them a product/service they would NEED/WANT/DESIRE.

Create your own POP (Pocket Of People) from that niche.

So now that we have that straight, Lean Business For Creators is going to show you “HOW TO” to exactly what's explained above.

How to get your POP.

And that ALSO involves learning about getting traffic to your web property.

It ALSO means learning about email list building and how to do it.

It's going to teach you a business model that will allow you to start “fresh” from scratch.

From choosing a hungry niche that will be “very interested” in your offer all the way through to marketing it, tuning in to your POP, trust building, and making continued (recurring) sales.

Lean Businesses For Creators is a FULL system.

A full system similar to the one I had to devise back in the day when I was mentored by Andre .

I've included a screen capture of the Zero-To-Hero Story here.

It literally took months to devise, learn, refine – then develop into a working protocol.

Many many failures later I had my own system (which has also since evolved into something quite beautiful 🙂 ).

But that's not out for sale (yet).

For now, I recommend you check out Andre Chaperon's Lean Business For Creators.

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