Welcome to the Mentoring!

But first, there's a couple things I need you to do to get us started:

Click the image to download

Install the app, signup using a NEW username and password – then message me:  
mentoring@markauctt.com so I can complete the setup on the back end.

There's nothing for you to do here, I'll set this up.

Using some of the information you'll give me below I'll setup out “project collaboration” platform (Basecamp) for you. You'll get a WELCOME email when it's ready 😉

Pleaase fill in the form below to help me set up the systems and also learn a bit more about you. 

The entries below have some “dummy info” I've filled in to give you an idea of what I would like to know. 
Just click in the boxes and type your own info 😉 

Here goes:

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