In 2008 I started my first affiliate marketing coaching program. But had to close the doors due to projects and time constraints.

During 2008 & 2009 I continued developing my online affiliate marketing business, planning, testing, tracking… learning.

I developed multiple income generating systems that run pretty much on auto-pilot that allowed me to share my knowledge and dedicate time to my exclusive “personal” coaching program.

In 2010 I streamlined my affiliate coaching program and limited it to only 10 people (now only 5 people!).

Throughout this time I've had many people through the doors. Many have gone on to make a success online and quit their day job.

Leandro is hitting those figures consistently

Now it’s YOUR turn to succeed… and I’m here to help you do just that.

But it’s now 2024. Times change. Online marketing changes and so do people’s needs. So I’ve revised the entire affiliate marketing coaching program to an all new personal mentoring program.

This is the NEXT level… but why the change?

Coaching was personal. Much more personal than “other” programs you’ll find. You could communicate directly with me through a dedicated members area one to one, but I wanted to take it up a notch…

There were a couple issues:

Issue #1: Not exactly tailored to your needs

It’s wasn’t tailored to meet your needs. It was developed on a single system. But what I’ve learned is people don’t want to follow a system set in stone. After all, you’re an individual.

It’s better to determine what interests you, discover what you’re good at, which direction best suits you, what you’ve tried and where you’re at when it comes to marketing online (it doesn’t matter if you’re still a ‘newbie’).

THEN we’ll devise a plan of action for you. A plan of action where we work together to help you achieve your end goal.

+ more – I can help you.

Remember, I've been doing affiliate marketing full-time since November 2007.

I've learned from the beginning. Most of what I know is self-taught.

I've pretty much done and tried EVERYTHING.

Through trials and tribulations, I have the experience to help.

Believe it or NOT I've had some BIG well-known players go through my program, such as Ben Cummings (above) and Dan Wardrobe (flexxable)

Snippet taken from the mentoring area

Guys like these STARTED under my wing.

They found their “calling” and rolled with it all because of what they learned.

The direction, plans and strategies I helped them with and discussed has led them to amazing success.

But that's not all…

Issue #2: Not enough personal interaction

Yes, questions and answers have always been 100% personal. 

You ask the question, I answer it. 

But it’s easy to lose focus and become unclear on what you’re goals are.

You want to be successful right? 

And I WANT you to succeed. So here’s what I’ve introduced…

I’ve now introduced a desktop application (PC, MAC & Online) for weekly text chats.

Every week we’ll have a 60 (previously 30) minute one-to-one text chat at your preferred day and time.

We can discuss, exchange files, share desktops and do everything that other instant messengers do (and more) but on a “personal” level.

This is exclusive to my mentoring!

It’s BETTER than a phone call. Often you forget what was discussed on a call, you forget what you want to say or it doesn’t come across correctly.

By having a live chat with history you can see what was discussed anytime. 

You don’t have the pressure of being on the spot and you have less chance of missing something that you “should have asked”.


If I’m available and you need to contact me urgently – just hit me up (must be urgent, my time is important). I’m on the system whenever I’m at my desk.

Oh, don’t forget – everything is 100% confidential.

What does this mean for you?

It means my new and once again improved mentoring is 100% tailored to you. Unlike other mentoring or coaching services I actually work with you to develop an online business that suits you.

With 15 years of experience and thousands of dollars spent, I’ve tried nearly everything. I network with some top online marketing guys and often meet to discuss new “fresh” ideas.

You may recognize some of them below: Andre Chaperon, Ran Aroussi, Steve Gray, even Ryan Deiss is in there…

I know what it takes to make it online.

I’m continually developing and fine tuning the affiliate marketing mentoring program to make it even better.

Even though the mentoring is tailored to you, you must understand what type of person I’m looking for…

I’m NOT your fifth grade teacher. I’m not going to force you to do anything. 

You will do it because you want to and have a DESIRE to succeed and make serious money online.

Remember, time is money, so if you want the best out of the mentoring and my time I need you to take action. 

You’re going to learn some new and exciting things!

“What’s the mentoring going to involve?”

As I said previously there’s been many changes to make it “top notch” and this has involved a LOT of “tweaking” for your benefit.

STAGE #1: Fundamentals

STAGE #2: Implementation
(tailored for you from Stage #1):

YOU Get:

“So what happens when you’ve completed all the tasks and have everything up and running?”

I’m NOT gonna leave you high and dry. No, I’m gonna help you optimize it. Help you to get the “most” out of your promotions and expand them (some members stay on only for this).

Now I’m not making any promises. Some affiliate campaigns don’t make any money, others do. It’s just the facts and how it is online. But I will guide and advise you on what you should do next.

This is NOT some half-hearted automated coaching session. The is my personal mentoring program. You get to work with me direct.

If you know anything about me, I like to over-deliver. 

This is going to be your shot at getting in on one of the best and most personal online affiliate marketing mentoring programs available!

This is what I’m going to expect from you:

Before I continue, I want to elaborate on the points above…


I’m here to work with you to get this “right”

To help you succeed, to make money. To do so I need to know what’s happening. 

You don’t have to give me live access, but you DO have to provide me with the details I need to know to help you. 

Everything is kept 100% secure in your own personal encrypted mentoring area.


I get a LOT of questions asking: “How much will it cost me to get started?”

The truth is; it depends on what you already have in your arsenal. 

You may already have enough tools to get you going. Whether they’re paid, free, or use what you already have. This mentoring program is tailored to you.

But if you’re in the market for new tools, I often have “exclusive” special priced deals (but these are often NOT required).

There’s one in particular that’s not widely known has a free account. You’ll see it’s “awesomeness” and will be amazed at what you can learn about your visitors.

That’s about it!

Remember: This is a real “business” and you need to think of it as one. You need to have the edge on your competition.

Joining conditions:

"OK Mark, I STILL want in, so what’s it gonna cost?"

The million dollar question…

I’ve attended many coaching and mentoring programs over the past few years. Totalling tens of thousands of dollars.

But they all had one thing in common…

They just weren’t personal enough. Yes, they had fancy stuff, videos and freebies but at the end of the day…

What you’re gonna learn here works today and will continue to work as you develop your online business. Whether that be affiliate marketing or your own products (could be both).

Some things may change over time. But if you get rid of all the garbage that’s clogging your head (and hard drive), focus, and follow my lead you’re gonna be on the right track.

“What’s this mentoring program worth?”

What does an offline or online ‘consultant’ charge per hour for his time? $100, $150, $200 or even $300+ per hour?

Would he/she be able to show you how to create an online business that’ll earn you money everyday for… lets say: 1 hour worth of consultancy?

Probably NOT. So…

“What do YOU think it’s worth?”

What do you think it’s worth to be able to make money online everyday? To be able to quit your job if you haven’t already and support your family. I’ve been there, I’ve done it. It’s NOT easy.

I know that ‘other’ affiliate marketing coaching programs offer you all the bells and whistles, but do they really teach you what you need to know and do? 

Do they show you and give you advice, personally?

“No. They don’t.”

They give you eBooks, videos, audio files and then communicate via a support desk that’s NOT even answered by themselves – but by a support assistant.

OK, I’m not saying everyone does this, but do you know how much the ‘big boys’ would charge if they were to do it personally?

“Hundreds, if not thousands.”

“I’m offering my personal mentoring at waayyy below the market rate (so I’ve been told by my students many times)!”

— Still only $297 per month
Sorry, currently all places are taken.
Please join the waiting list below or shoot me a message 😉

Take a look at some more recent feedback below… 

BTW: Everything you’ve seen are actual emails that have been screen captured – all 100% contactable and verifiable.

Last one just to re-iterate what you'll be getting and doing for yourself.

Best regards,

PS: I used to only take in 7 people to make it “personal”. Due to the additional personalization of the new mentoring program I’ve restricted it down to only 5 active students at any one time.

PPS: Any questions or you’re unsure of anything — please shoot me an email to:


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